Important information about our club, our students and our school.

Calling all Alumni

Are you a JCIB graduate?  We would love to hear from you - what you are doing now and how far you have gone.  Please drop us a note and share a thought of encouragement for current students.

And be sure to check out the news about alumni to learn what others are doing.

Student News

News and information about the students at JCIB.

  • What they are up to
  • News highlights
  • Notable notices
  • And much more
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A school is not a building - especially when that school is JCIB.  Our school is made up of an excellent mission, with a world class IB program, leaders with vision and teachers with skill and heart.  All of these come together to serve our students with the best possible opportunity to learn and become equipped for life.

Here we celebrate those teachers and will feature a different teacher each month.

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Buy your JCIB-Wear.  Show your support for your school and your student - and look cool at the same time!


What is going on and when is it going on.

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Our Vision

The JCIB Academic Booster Club envisions a JCIB Program with the means to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who will become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.

The Club will strive to achieve this vision by (a) coordinating ongoing communications between JCIB and past, present and prospective parents and students; (b) cultivating activities for past, present and prospective students and parents through our volunteer and financial support of student/teacher activities; and (c) promoting membership, fundraisers, sponsorship, and special gift campaigns to secure financial support from individuals, organizations and businesses.

Next Steps...

We invite you to join JCIB ABC.  Membership is an excellent way to connect with other motivated JCIB families and help ensure the school's academic excellence.  An annual family membership is only $16.00. You can just pay for membership or pay for membership and make an additional donation if you wish.